Y' Bedda Git Use 2 Me


© 1992 J. W. Stanton. All rights reserved.


Y' Bedda Git Use 2 Me


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Uptown Girl


previously unreleased
(Billy Joel)
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2009 digital remix of Joshua's classic 1992 reggae duet with the late, great Ozi Chaput of Calgary's underground legends the ZBU BUS.

Ozi Chaput · vocals & guitar
Joshua Stanton · vocals & bass
Jeremy Stanton · drums
Marty Cooke · rhythm guitar

Produced by Joshua Stanton & Ron Paley
Engineered by John Hildebrandt & Joshua Stanton
Recorded at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg (summer of '91) and the Alberta College of Art A-V Room, Calgary (spring of '92)

From Joshua's 1992 album Springtime
a VOIDHOUSE production

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